Customising Menus

The menu items on the page you have created from the template need to be modified to suit the page you have created. You could leave them as they are but I think that the "flow" of the website is improved if they are customised.

Each page has two menus, the one that is either at the top or left of the page and one at the bottom of the page. The position of the menus depends on the screen resolution of the device it is viewed. This is a feature of the "responsive" nature of the website design. As a consequence it is crucial that you view your pages on all devices.

The thing to remember about menus is that they are simple links to other parts of the website. The way that they are modified are the same as those you will use when you are editing and creating pages.

Top and Bottom

The menu on the bottom of the screen is fully "responsive" in that although it is visible at all times

The Process

The editing process consists of deciding what pages you want to have linked. The steps you will need to perform are described in more detail on my page about the editor that I use.

The template you are using will give you an example of what you have to change. A new template, appropriately named, will contain menu items to allow the navigation of any new page.


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Customising Menus