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Changes that need to be taken into account for Local pages.

The new template seems to work quite well for adoption on local pages.

While it has been noted that it is more likely that these pages are going to be accessed on a mobile device there need to be further changes and conciderations that need to be made for these pages.

Modifications of main menu for Local pages

In general the access of Local pages are going to be from those that have no interest in website design and administration. That being the case the use of the expanding menus in not sufficient to allow the required navigation of the pages. In fact the main menu can modified to relect that the page is a local one.

This would mean a seperate template or for me to re-introduce a contextual heading approach. Actually, this would not be too bad as the main menu only has the single entry for Design and Admin, which I am sure will ignored by such visitors. The lack of access to the expandable menus is the more salient issue. Additional menu items will need to be added to the main menu. I can then have the option of removing the Design and Admin accordian, of even the expansion of the Belchamp Walter accordian. I will have to try this on a mobile myself.

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