Why Websites and email are irrelevant

Having spent so much time developing this website it is a little disheartening to say this. Social Media has taken the thunder from these methods as messaging in all forms and the use of Facebook seems to be the way that the majority of Internet users think and do communicate and find information. Whether these are the best ways of achieving these goals is debatable and I think that they are not.

Never-the-less, this seems to be the case and a web developer needs to be aware of this. When designing what you may consider a "perfect" solution in practical terms most Internet users will not see it or use it.

Imperfect Interface.

The users of Social Media often don't care about the interface and have learnt to use whatever they are presented with.


Regular email is just too much trouble for most users. Messaging rules.

Finding Information

Searching will almost certainly involve Google or another search engine but many will take the information from whatever they are "fed".

and there is Blogging

My experience is that a blog, a Google Blogger blog, will be indexed by Google so that an entry can be found when making a search.

To this end, and in a last attempt of making a "soft" promotion, I have made a new post on my blog (the first for a couple of years) that makes an offer of assistance to build "simple" Parish Council websites.


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Why Websites and email are irrelevant