Web Design on a Higher Plane

Having started out with a relatively simple web design the time has come to take things to a higher level. I still maintain that it is not difficult to design and run a simple website but there seems little demand for them. The majority of technology users are content to use overly complicated and poorly designed web offerings for communication and the exchange of ideas and news.

I am reasonably happy with my current designs and layouts and feel that I am in a position to produce different websites that are functional and don't all look the same. The design of this site has evolved over the years and remains pretty much as it was. I now have a couple of other designs that are "live" on the Internet, the Parish Council site and a hybrid Wordpress/Hard coded Village Hall website. Due to the Covid situation both these other sites will remain as they are until when and if things pickup.

I am continuing my website development at a more advanced level. This involves:

Modus Operandi

Development continues on a Windows computer and checked on as many devices as possible including and iPad Pro where a bookmark has been created to view the HTML code in a new window.

What I would do differently

Knowing what I know now my designs would obviously be different. However, on reflection seeing as I started out on this programming lark before the Internet was part of all our lives I don't think that I have done too badly. It is not surprising that a lot of my UIs are similar to the progrmmes that I was using when I started out. As it is now the websites that I have "live" look different, Parish Council, Village Hall and this website.

The new Parish Council design uses the W3.CSS Framework and is my experiemnt with this library. There are a fwe limitations, or conflcts, that I have found with my original code but it is worth coding the PC site in this way as there aren't many requirements for the site and there are a limited number of pages.


Web Design on a Higher Plane - January 2021