What do I do now that my furlough has ended?

This page was started before the November 2020 Covid-19 wave and the pre and post Christmas lock-downs. Now in March 2021 the UK is supposed to be "opening-up" according to Boris' Road Map. The budget is due and there is much talk about how this is all going to be paid for. However, there is also talk of extending Furlough even longer!

Un-employment is rapidly increasing, not only the young and recently graduated, those that the Furlough that is eventually going to be over will also face dedundancy.

Working from home

As it is likely that social distancing is going to be the new norm, commuting to a place of work is going to be problematic.

Retraining for a redundancy buffered profession

While there is going to be a limited number of people who can work for Amazon and parcel delivery services, an area that you may want to consider is one that can be performed with these services in mind. Whether you have skill that you can market online or you have a desire to learn how-to, the use of the Internet is key to your long-term suvival. Hopefully, there will be a resurgence in innovation to use the communication potential of fibre optic networks that we are now all starting to have installed.


What do I do now that my furlough has ended?