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Cyber Stalking

I called this page "Cyber Stalking" as I was following the activity of a certain person who I had upset when I lived in Canada.

....... as in monitoring who visits your website, from where and what they are interested in.

" Having being told that "The beautiful thing now, is “cyber bullying" is frowned on Name Redacted, at every level, and you Name Redacted say I'm cyber bullying!! "no I have facts on you Name Redacted that's the difference." "

Here are a few things that have been said about me:

The text is quoted from a person who admits he has problems with English language, hence the grammar and whether it actually makes sense.

" In what Antics were that contacted the police on you Name Redacted we contacted the hosting company on you Name Redacted we had you cut off your internet for a little bit Name Redacted and you popped up like the Cockroach!! you are surprise? that we rebut your inflammatory writings; Name Redacted, on myself and other people? is that what you're talking about Name Redacted??? that!!! there was no legal precedent to have you shut down!!!!! "please"

Obviously there's a very big disconnect with Name Redacted beliefs and the rest of the world he doesn't like the fact that his name Name Redacted is being found in the truth about him Name Redacted and he doesn't like it yet he can put anybody else's name and address and he's perfectly fine Name Redacted we will see how this goes this theory that you put up with information about you. "

Why I redacted my name

This page is on my new website, which is not about me! Unlike some people the inclusion of a name and phrase on a web page is so that it will be picked up by search engines. While I have no reason to block my name from the Internet, my aim is for my pages to be found by people searching for the content, not my name.

When I have posted the names, and possibly contact information, it is for people who have posted on the Internet as a business, not private individuals. All this information was found on the public Internet and not obtained from a private source.

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However, there are potential problems with Local SEO. The person who I was having a dispute with here thought that he did understand how the Internet worked. That was in 2015!

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