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Clicks in Search Console but no Queries

Another observation that I have made when I was looking at my Google Search Console reports was that I see Clicks being recorded for which there were no Queries in the reports.

The reason for this is probably similar to the observation that I have made relating to the way that Google Analytics does not report Keywords (a.k.a. queries) are not reported.

How I came across this

Reducing the reporting period to the last 24hrs (The most recent date) I could see that there was there a page where were not only Impressions but pages that had Clicks but there were no Impressions.

What I think this means

If I am correct in my assessment this tells me a couple of things. The clicks are from Internet users that don't have their search terms (queries or keywords) reported in either GA or GSC. This could be due my theory about "not set" and "not provided" is my correct and that Clicks are being registered from visitors that are Google users (or at least using Google Search).

Clicks or visits as reported in GA can be from any class of user, Google users and Bing users (or others). This shows the importance of adding back the Google Tracking code. Looking in my GA reports over the same time period I see that I did not have tracking code on the pages that were reported in GSC.

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