CDN - Content Delivery Network

I was looking at CDNs in 2014 from Canada. I was speculating that tbe traditional means of broadcasting had its days numbered. Today, in 2020, we have Netfix, Amazon Prime and Cloudflare to name just few.

Cloudflare says:

A content delivery network (CDN) refers to a geographically distributed group of servers which work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content.

A CDN allows for the quick transfer of assets needed for loading Internet content including HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos. The popularity of CDN services continues to grow, and today the majority of web traffic is served through CDNs, including traffic from major sites like Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon.

A properly configured CDN may also help protect websites against some common malicious attacks, such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks.

The W3.css is on a CDN

This is okay as long as the W3CShools website does not go down! I have only seen this once, but it could be a problem if I were to be demonstrating a website. Having the CSS locally also falls in-line with my development technique.


  • Bootstrap - uses CDN techniques to "serve" code.
  • PC website - I moved the w3.css to a local directory and on the server for the main page

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CDN - Content Delivery Network