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Local Photographs of Belchamp Walter

The photographs on the website are mostly those taken by the webmster. In cases where I have "borrowed" images I have attempted to give attribution. is not a photo-sharing website and has limited storage space.

Drone Photographs and Video Footage

Many of the photographs are taken by drone and are condensed versions on this website. Sadly, I do not have enough server space or upload speed to host video.

Stiffleaf on ipernity

Stilleaf has a lot of Medieval wall painting photographs that are hosted on the Ipernity photo club. Ipernity are a French website and are governed by French law. The use of the photographs on my pages is probably okay - as they not "used by anyone for commercial or other marketing purposes".

Since ipernity‘s web service is 100% owned by its members, it is unaffected by ideological, political, religious and/or other interests. Most of all, it is independent from financial interests of investors. Its only obligation is to promote the interest and requirements of the community. User's privacy, private data, and content, are protected and will neither be analysed nor used by anyone for commercial or other marketing purposes. Material released for publication may appear in search engines, but nowhere else.


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