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Design Review - Sept 2019
Menu Design Review - Sept 2019

Design Review - Sept 2019

As I have been adding a fair amount of content and I have been working on menus and css techniques I think a review is in order. Reviewing how navigation of the website is looking the responsive nature is to be enhanced with a footer menu that will offer options such as the ability to return to the top of the page and find the Site Map. There is also a facility to offer links to any part of the website or current page without having to scroll to the top or bottom of the page.

This menu will be installed on some key pages and another review may be made depending on how it works out. Some of my pages have considerable content and this new menu and expandable sections will, hopefully, make them more accessible.

The bottom and side/top menu don't both have to have a "Home" button. By convention I am leaving the "Home" button where most will expect it. I am removing it from the bottom and making the "Top of Page" the active button. I am also removing the "Contact" and "About" buttons from pages that are specific to a topic, i.e. not related to web design or research and development of this site.

What's also changed

The Social Media button has been removed from the template. As I don't use Social Media it is a falsehood to suggest that you can contact me on any of the platforms.

The Site Map has expandable sections and some of the content of these "accordion" sections has been re-ordered. This is mainly for my own benefit so that I can access pages that I am working on quickily. The Site Map does not necassarily have to be on bottom menus that relate to specific topics and can be replaced by a "Local" button. "Local" as in pages that relate to the history of the region in which I currently reside.

I briefly toyed with having both a top and bottom responsive menu as seen with my Colour Customiser page.


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