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There have been a few Clicks on my Belchamp Walter Easte Egg Hunt page - this will be removed after Easter. In any case I think that those that made an "impression" were looking for the scout camp hunt! Aparently no interest in village news, villagers continue to get their local news from Facebook. Again, not interest in putting this information on the Village websites. There is a continued lack of traffic to the Village Hall website despite there being new activities relating to "The Friends of St. Mary". There is a current photo gallery posted there but the "Facebook Co-Ordinator(s)" despite being told that they were there has yet to visit. Or rather said that they cannot find the photos as they on the secondary domain name.

A page was added for the Battle Abbey Roll and King Stephen.

A page was added for Sir John de Botetourt - this partly due to the current church warden not being aware of who he was and what the remains of the chantry was all about.

When adding cross-reference links on pages and between pages the old layout with a fixed header banner is proving to be less than ideal. The id tags, when accessed, often fall under the banner. This is okay for pages where a section is required as I just have to adjust the space between sections. Links to list items cannot work under this layout as they always fall under the banner,

I am going to have to convert all the pages to the new layout (the one used for this page).

I have to be careful here as it is too easy to over-write pages. So it is best to make sure that the local copy is correct before uploading and the copy on the server can be used as a recovery file.

Pages on new layout

I think that most of the pages will be needed to be updated. On the Local Index page the updated pages have the "thumbs-up" symbol - 👍

All new pages will be on the new layout and the timeline and most of the pages below will be on new layout. You can tell on first look as the banner at top is fixed and does not fill the width of most of the page. The pages on the old layout are not priority if they don't cross reference other pages or the timeline references them.

A warning to myself, or anyone taking over this code, the addition of "cross-links" makes the code more difficult to follow. For example a link to the timeline is normally by id="number" and a link-back (cross-link) can be either a number or id="text" - i.e. <a href="devere.html#sir_john"> Sir John Botetourt</a>, where sir_john is the ID text.

I could style the hyperlink anchors so that they are different. The link above is class="time", but it is really a text link. I will have to work on this.


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