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SEO - a review in September 2019

Although I have said that I don't care about SEO and rankings in Search Engine result lists I am aware that there are some things that I may be doing that could be detremental to these rankings. There are warnings about content duplication whe you use url Forwarding and/or Frame/Framset Forwarding. This does concern me and is one of the reasons I use the rel="nofollow" attribute in my outbound link anchors.

The Search Engine that is the one you want to please

Let's face it, Google is the one. Even though I am using Frameset Forwarding for the Parish Council domain it does appear in a Google search. This could be due to the fact that essesInfo.net have the new domain name, although I am not currently using the "External Site" setting.


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SEO - a review in September 2019