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This page was from Feb 2021 when Aldi had this model for sale.

My recommendtion is to buy the Medion MD63780 before it sells out on-line.

I was looking at laptops £150 to £400 more with similar specifications

You may be put off by the fact that the laptop comes with Windows 10 in S-Mode. I would not let that deter you as unless you are doing anything really different with your computer then it will make no difference. The fact that you can only install software and apps from the Microsoft Store is not too limiting as you may find that many apps are free. You are getting a trial of Office 360 and you may want to actually subscribe to it!

I am surprised that the MD63780 did not sell-out on pre-order. It was still available on the 28th (the day of first sale), at 6pm. I can only surmise that Aldi shoppers are unaware of the value of this laptop. The MD63780 is far more capable than the requirements of most computer users. It is not a "gaming" computer but with the AMD graphics it should be pretty good. I am not sure if the MD63780 has AMD Radeon R3 graphics but the laptop I was looking at from Curry's did. The Aldi ad does not say.

The MD63780 is £70 cheaper than the laptop I would have bought from Curry's.

For what I want to use the laptop for primaily a machine costing £204 would be good enough.


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