The irony here is that moving to England I now have a web host in Wales.

The marketplace for website design and hosting in the UK is completetly different, in my estimation, to that in Canada. If you search for hosting packages there are a multitude of services that will offer you a deal on domain registration, sometimes for free, but little mention on how you go about having that domain hosted. The seems to be an implicit notion that they are one and the same.

The Control Panel


On futher inspection of other hosting services this method of control for hosting is quite common. It looks like that the Plesk product, by Parallels, is just an implementaion of CPanel, a Linux-based web hosting control panel.

Access Logs

These seem to be a little different to that I have become accustomed with my Canadian host.


Observed Searches and Visits:

These are some of the searches that I have recorded that found this page: