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My approach to Essexinfo closing

I will be migrating our village's Parish Council website to a new Domain and web host. The hosting service will be the same as the one that I am using for this website and I will be writing all the code myself.

At the time of writing this, July 2019, there is pleanty of time before the 31st March 2020 to complete the migration. However, I am willing to assist others who need to migrate their Essexinfo websites to a new platform. My advice will be provided free but I do see this as an excellent business oppertunity for someone who wants to set themselves up as a web designer and off this service for a fee. I am also willing to mentor anyone who wants to do this. I do have someone in our village who I know can do this but I have not appproached them on the subject.

My approach in more detail

As I already run tempusfugit.me.uk I will be using a similar approach for my Parish Council website.

I have an agenda in what tools I want to use this exercise in Responsive Web Design, i.e. maknig websites display correctly on a multitude of devices from smartphones through tables to computers of all screen resolutions.

My solution involves the development of a website "off-line" with all the files and webpages residing on a local computer and then uploaded to the hosted domain. The file structure of the website is the same on the local computer and on the webserver.

My recomendation for those wanting to migrate from Essexinfo

It is entirely up to you how you choose a host and a web designer. If you require assistance in any of the matters relating to the creation and maintenanace of a website then I would be more than happy to assist you for free. Just contact me and ask me a question. I am not looking work and I cannot spend a lot of time doing the building for you. This may change if I can find a suitable candidate to perform these tasks.

The Essexinfo website currently briefly describes the technique of what you will have to do before the 31st March 2020. You can choose and register your own website name (domain) and there are many companies that offer hosting and web design services. You could also follow the suggestion of using a Social Media site such as Facebook, but I do not recomend this myself.

A Parish Council website, for example, need not be complex and have too many "bells and whistles". The Essexinfo offering had functions that many of the current users did not use or found that were less than useful. These include surveys and photo albums. The basic requirement for a Parish Council is the facility to post meeting informatio, such as agendas and minutes. The posting of financial data is also a requirement placed by District Councils and the government.


My solution to EssexInfo closure