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About this website

Originally this website was mainly concerned with technology issues, hence the concept and name of "The Technology Muse". Sadly, the main draws for those finding my website and blog were related to stealing things (such as bootleg copies of Microsoft Windows) or the penetration of WiFi networks.

In addition some of my posts have garnered the interest of those that I would rather not be associated. While I don't really care that one of those people is currently trying to discredit me by posting nonsense online that is nothing to do with me. You may have found it if you have made the right search and you know my real name.

This website and my blog were not, and never were, about me. They had no commercial reason for existance and they do not represent a business.

Some of the technical topics are archived on this website as they seem to remain popular.

Current name

My intention in building a new UK website is that it reflects my current interests. While I toyed wth the idea of registering a domain in the same name as my Canadian site I think that I am leaning on a completely different name. My intitial goal is to find out how I can maintain a website in the UK and migrate some of the content from my old site. Eventually the Canadain site will not be hosted in Canada, when the hosting package expires.

For the time being I am using the name "Thoughts from the UK" both for this website and my blog. I spent a of time deciding on the name for my Canadian site and I was pleased with the name. That name still "fits" what I am posting about, but as I say it has become somewhat corrupted.

I maintain this website as a means to "keep myself current" with web technologies. In th Spring of 2016 I implemented a Village website using - This website uses a CMS (Content Management System) an is less than what I could achieve if it was determined necassary. and The Technology Muse blog

These are the sites that I started in Canada. I registered in January 2003 and I currently have it registered to me until January 2020. My hosting for runs until August 2017, after which time I will forward requests to the site to my UK website. is currently hosted from a server in Whitby Ontario and costs me $180 per year. As I currently reside in the UK it does not sense for me to host a website from Canada. The blog, currenty called "Thoughts from the UK", is a Google Blogspot blog and is free. The blog, although having a "technology-muse.blogspot" URL, is without cost and therefore will continue as long as Google will have it.

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