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DNS and URL Forwarding

I was contemplationg using a page on my hosting package for the Parish Council website. Looking at the way that my Canadian domains are forwarded, using URL Masking, it seems that the Media Queries do not work when the page(s) are presnted using a Frameset.

Reseaching this it seems that this is not an uncommon experience with those that use GoDaddy.com as a registrar and host. This lead me to looking further into GoDaddy, who offer domains for 99p per year.

Media Queries and Frame Forwarding

As I suspected, as with my Canadian domain, forwarding using hostingUK.net results in the same behaviour. The difference here is that although I have options in how I make the forwarding the one that I want results in not only "masking" the destination url but "traps" the media queries inside a <framset> tag. I could make the setting where the ressponsive behaviour is preserved but the visitor would be preswnted with tempusfugit.me.uk on the address bar.

GoDaddy Hosting

Looking in more depth, their basic hosting package starts at £3 per month for the first year and then £6 when you renew. Which makes it more expensive than HostingUK at £72 per year vs. £52.

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DNS and URL Forwarding