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The process is to find snippets of information on the Internet, copy the text as a literal quote and then attempt to fill in the blanks. References when found making a search often lack context, this is often in the lack of dates and also the fact that the original text often appears never to have been proof-read often making no sense.

An example would be a list of names saying who married whom and how many children they had, where they lived etc.:

Philip Raymond, of this family, was resident at Hunsdon, in Hertfordshire, and, by his wife Agnes, daughter and heiress of William Sterne, of Essenden, had Roger, whose son John married Judith, daughter of Chadd Cockayne, of Cockayne Hatley, in Bedfordshire, by whom he had John Raymond, Esq. the purchaser of this estate: he married Anne, daughter of John Sparrow, Esq. of Gestingthorpe, by whom he had John, William, Oliver, St. Clere; Frances, Elizabeth, Judith, Jane, Sarah, Mary.

In the example above, taken from The history and topography of ... Essex – Thomas Wright, 1831/36 (HTofE), there are many references to the Raymond family and a connection to Essenden (near Ware in Hertfordshire), but there are no dates in the paragraph. The previous paragraph mentions the date of the sale of the Belchamp Estate to John Raymond in 1611.

If I read this correctly Phillip Raymond (of Hertfordshire, whose ancestors were from near Rye in Kent [which is actually in East Sussex!]), had a son called Roger who then had a son John (married to Judith Cockayne, of Cockayne Hatley, in Bedfordshire) who then had a son John, the one that purchased Belchamp manor in 1611. With all the Johns it is difficult to keep track! The purchaser in 1611 was John Raymond I as far as I can work out, John Raymond II was his son and John Raymond III was the son of Oliver Raymond.

I have to check my dates here! However, this account is somwhat confirmed by The Duchess of Cleveland in The Battle Abbey Roll. Vol. III.

However, the link to this source is almost impossible to follow-up. I can find The Battle Abbey Roll. Vol. III. with a reference to The Duchess of Cleveland, but the link is to a website in New Zealand which leads nowhere.

The Duchess of Cleveland places Phillip Raymond in the 16th C. 15 something or other - in 1539 Belchamp Manor "came to" Sir Roger Wentworth


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