Links and Dates

As the accounts extracted from the sketchy documentation are rather light on dates and of questionable accuracy there is much to do in checking these dates and the links that I have found to other sources.

I have tried to develop a linking system that allows the switching between pages that are related by various criteria.
Time could take the visitor to a timeline or another page.
Text to a place on the page or another page.
Special to a place on the page or another page.

It is my intention that these links be used in quoted text is that they stand out from regular links in the text.

I will have to experiment with colours and format to see how this will work.

I am not sure how this is working out at the moment. The class for the link can be also used in "plain" text

The page(s) where I use this the most is that for the text that I have pulled from geneological and historical records.

The page that I possibly want to use this notation the most is my de Vere page as I have not used the "quoted" style as it was getting too complicated.

I also use the "syntax" notation for actual code syntax - this is in that format and I also want to make the "special" links work in both.

The method for editing/constructing the quoted text is to write it in the normal manner and then add the classes.The resulting source text is a little hard to read but the main goal is for the resulting text to be more readable and "followable".

I may need to put non-breaking spaces in these formated pages so that the "button nature" of the link is preserved. This means the addition of   to the quote.

An example in "plain" text

Sir John Botetourt lived in Belchamp Walter Manor in the 13/14th C.

There seems too much of an emphasis on using their services to build your own family tree. Detailed reports require membership and a log-on.


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Links and Dates