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Bittorrent on Windows 10 S Mode

When I purchased a new Windows 10 laptop it came with S Mode pre-installed.

Up to this point, March 2021, I used Bittorrent pretty extensively and when I tried to install Bittorrent as I had many times on earlier computers there seemed to be some problems.

As I was not using Bittorrent at the time and I was too lazy to fix the problem I gave up. I worked out how to run all the software that I wanted to use having switched the computer out of S Mode.

Even though I was not running S Mode I continued to have problems installing Bittorrent. Now, September 2021, when I make an Internet search about the subject I find that there are many reports that there is a problem here. I am sure that there is a solution to this and if you have found this page looking for a solution please continue in your quest. If you contact me with a solution I will gladly post it on my pages.

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