While I have no real interest in building my own family tree, I am intriged with the history of where I live. Names on graves stones and church walls are often difficult to place into context.

This page relates to some of the geneological information related to the village of Belchamp Walter, Essex. Information was gleaned from a wide range of sources including that found in the church and churchyard, the Historic England website, Belchamp Hall documetation and other geneological websites.

The Lovejoy Legacy

I have no intention of reproducing the whole familay tree of the Raymond family here is the section relating to todays date. Charles Raymond is the current incumbent of Belchamp Hall and the Lovejoy legacy.

The L4 means that Charles Raymond Is the grest great great great great great great great great grandchild of Sir William Harris, of Shenfield Manor, Margarelting, Essex, and Frances Astley, daugther. of Thomas Astley, of Writtle. What the relation of William Harris is to William the Conqueror is I have yet to determine.

The Descendants of William the Conqueror

The website,, created by Alan G Freer, is, by the authors admission, a lifetimes work. However, the website design is less than to be desired (that is just my opinion). However, reading his notes on his website I admire that he learnt html and apparently constructed the website himself.

The Geneoalogical trees generated by Alan follow the Villers-Parma System. According to WikiP this is a South African method, in any case his work is impressive and not only documents the history of England from the Conquest, he also hs a similar set of pages for El Cid, Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar (El Cid), Prince of Valencia, Spain.