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What are the legal requirements for a parish council website?

Basically for a Parish Council or a small government agency this relates to GDPR and Transparency.

GDPR is making sure that you are careful with personal data, and that you publish a policy regarding how any data collected will be used and how it will be destroyed. While this is a gross over simplifacation it is not the purpose of this site to explain GDPR in detail, links to the official authorities can be found below.

Transparency is the posting of financial data, such as items with a value of over £100 that form part of the accounts for the council and the accounts themselves.

When making a search for this topic I came across parishcouncilwebsites.org.uk. They seem to specialise in this issue.


a.k.a. NetWise UK. They ofer 3 packages, recomended for Parish Councils, the Basic package is £399 setup and £100 per year on-going.

GDPR and Cookies

One of the important aspects of GDPR compliance is your websites policy on cookies. You will be well aware of the pop-up messages asking for your consent when you visit websites.

The use of Google, when you make a search and other Google related activities, are almost certainly depedant on the use of cookies.

My websites do not use cookies for collecting information on visitors. However, I do use Google Analytics and I am presuming that will negate my compliance. If this is the case I will have to make a template without the Google Analytics tracking code. Cookiebot offers a free checking service for GDPR compliance,

Depending on the result from Cookiebot I will make the Parish Council pages Google Analytics tracking free.


Cookiebot advertise a "free" check for GDPR Compliance I made two submissions to check this website, I received no report. Either they determined that I am not someoe who they can sell their serivices to or I am actually compliant.

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