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Frameset Forwarding

This is one of the methods that HostingUK forward urls when you register a domain and want to host it on an existing hosting package. As expected there are compromises in doing this, however, I am of the opinion that despite these compromises it is worth the possible confusion of the visitor. The confusions are that the destination (url) that the visitor to the website that you are re-directing will see is the domain that they require but it will be the same url for all pages that are linked from that primary re-direction.

In addiition to the url being the same for all pages there are other limitations such as media queries not working and a limitation to the size of the page that can be loaded in Frameset. The first limitation means that the Responsive behaviour will not work in the redirection and large pdf files (such as the Parish Council Annual Governance and Audit Report) will not fully load.

Tamara Jones tamarajones.net

I like Tamaras approach and concure that most browsers, particularly those from Microsoft are those that follow the rules the least. In a similar manner Alan Freer - Descendants of William the Conqueror, Tamara has branched into Genealogy.

Frameset Forwarding