How much code to produce a website

At the moment my template for a website page is only 60 lines of html. My css file is around 100 lines (but this is mainly because of comments and the way I have it laid out, so that it can be read).

It takes seconds to create a new page and this is done locally on your computer and you can instantly see how the page looks by saving it and then looking at it in your web browser. It takes seconds to upload the page to a webserver. You do not need an Interet connection to compose and review your website and its content. I only upload to my server when I am happy with what I see on my computer.

To generate all of the content for my website all I need is a relatively cheap Windows computer. An Apple of Chrome computer could also be used but I am not familar with the editors or ftp agents that I would need to use. However, the principle of the design will be the same whatever the platform.

File Sizes

The template is 2k and the css fie is 3k. If you email me your Parish Council name I can send you these files with your Parish Council filled in. All you need to do is to download the two files and then open the index.html file. You do this by double clicking on the file name, the file should then open in your default web browser.

All you would need to do to create your own website is to create pages from the template and add links to your content. If interested I will tell you how.


How much code to produce a website
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