Responsive Review

Having played around with the CSS file that I was using for the majority of my pages I found out a few things that effect the way that the pages display.

I now have 2 .css files and a new template. My goal was to make the left side menu fixed and to simplify the main css files that it makes sense.

When I tried to edit the older .css file I ran around in circles. I have now worked out how to modify the older file so that the left menu is fixed. At the same time I have created a ew .css file and template on which this page is created. Seeing that the majority of my pages were created using the older .css file it makes sense to use the modified older .css file. The problem is that the rest of the layout gets compromised when too many changes are made.

The other goal was to create a fixed header for the page. This I have done as can be see on some of the older pages, the page on Browser Cache is an example.

The original .css

I have made some changes to rwd.css to make the side menu and header fixed. The older pages should now render with this CSS file, this includes the first link below.

I had to move some of the main content down the page.


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Responsive Review - January 2021