The dichotomy of Social/Electronic Media

I have stated in the past that I have very specific views on how websites should be run. This not only applies to wesites but to the whole electronic media.

My original comment related to the attribution of information posted on websites, this is also extended to the other forms of electronic media, blogs and Social platforms such as Facebook. I only mention Facebook here as it seems to be the platform of choice for many and Facebook own (or soon will buy-up) anthing that they feel competes with them or they can use as part of their empire. This includes Instagram and WhatsApp. Twitter is also a bone of contention for me and also falls in line for the same critisism that I level in general.

Public versus Private

The discussion whether posts and profiles were public or private prompted this page.

An overall observation was that a distorted view was presented in FB when all the posts are private, as they now are by default. Over the years I have been following the progress of FB and I was aware of concerns relating to privacy and the fact that privacy settings had been revised. These revisions were made by FB in response to user concerns and, if you take into account some reports, by a bug in Facebooks software.

This issue did not give me any cause for concern as I had rejected the concept of this kind of Internet presence and communication a long time ago. My renewed interest was sparked when Covid-19 caused my to look at FB and FB Groups in more detail.

The link to the myth that posting a "disclaimer" on your "wall" is an illustration of my point.

The Motivation for posting to the Internet

I have been doing this for pretty much since the Internet was invented. Largely because I could. I also thought that the use of a system such as the Internet could be very useful. Electronic communication was in its infancy at the time, only a few had email addresses.

Are other Platforms/Forums any better?

The first that comes to mind is Instagram. It being mentioned in the "myth" I talked about before. Some say that it is a kinder gentler place to be, but I am not so sure.



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The dichotomy of Social/Electronic Media