The use of multiple domains for media provision and malicious attack

This page is a continuation of the research that I performed, starting in Canada, relating to both the use of Cross Site/Domain resource access for the provision of media and an obfuscation technique used by malicious attackers of computer networks.

The interest that the orginal page stimulated was related to those searchimg for a particular DDD wrapper (????) for Shockwave Flash. This was specifically nsdsvc.com (see my old page).

Domain-Driven Design

There seems to be a lot more to this that just a passing glance reveals. It appears at first look as a conceptual framework, similar to Object Oriented Design, and quite general in its application to prgramming and web architecture.

At the minute I am not sure how DDD relates to my original interest in cross domain resource usage. This was part of my research into Adobe Flash (SWF Verification) and Media Streaming Resources.

I may need to revive some more of my old pages on this subject...............


Cross Domain