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The Status of the Parish Council Website project

My hope was that there would be more interest in this!

I am not looking for work for myself and to personally offer a service to other Parish Councils.

However, I am willing to assist anyone who wants to take my concept and "run" with it themselves. A basic design and a concept of "DIY" are something that I think a Parish Council should persue. I can understand if this is seen to be "too complicated" and a PC would want to enlist the services of a company to do it for them.

My solution fulfils all the requirements that a Parish Council needs to comply with their Transparency Requirements. I even have a few ideas to add some "extras" to make the Parish Council website more interesting to use. These "extras" include a Photo Gallery and various booking and contact forms.

Site Promotion

I have purposely not attempted to do this. In fact I am seeing if this website can be found by an interested party finding it by making a search. However, should I get some interest from someone interested in doing some of this work I make change my approach.

Promotion means getting my website known by others while this includes being picked up by the likes of Google it also means getting my URL on advertising media such as notice boards and Social Media. I realise that I am disadvantaged by the fact that I do not use Social Media.


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The Status of the Parish Council Website project