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If you would like to design your own Parish website

If are reading this and think that the design of your own website for a Parish Council or other small organisation is something that you could undertake yourself. Or if you have someone in your Parish that you think may be up to the task. I would be more than happy to give you free advice.

The requirements for such a venture are quite modest and the skill level of anyone who is prepared to put in some time on the project is well within most the have used a computer.

What you will need

Apart from a computer you will need the following free software:

Your computer will come with all the other tools. This includes a Web browser or two, File Manager (Folders/Explorer) and image/photo software, I still use the basic Microsoft Paint program (You may have to hunt for this on a new Windows computer!)

The choice of computer is up to you, an Apple or Windows machine is preferrable as I don't know what free software is available for Chromebooks for example. You could even use Linux if you are so inclined????

I will post screen-shots of some of the processes if there is any interest.


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If you would like to design your own Parish website