Middlewick Parish Council

Middlewick Parish Council

This is a page with a modified style sheet. rdw1.css

The other example of a Parish Council website uses my css file. The Belchamp Walter Prototype

I have changed the colours of the menus, header and footer. I admit the colours are probably less than desireable and were just chosen as examples.

The changes to the menu colours are most noticable on a computer as the "hover" colour will change when the cursor is moved over a menu option. You will not see this on a Smartphone.

Belchamp Hall and St Mary's Church

What else could be do by just changing the css

In addition to the colours other items such as the positioning of key areas of the page(s). Images may be added to the header and footer

In theory you could radically change the look of the website, implement your own menu system and the way that the site changes with respect to the screen size. However, to do this you will need to fully understand css and Responsive Web Design.

PC Template 1