NHSx - the Covid 19 Tracking App

Seeing that the UK government have changed their mind on the development of the tracking app for CoronaVirus, I felt that I needed a page. It will be interesting to see if the web pages on the NHS and Github continue as they were at the time of writing this page.

I am confused that the GitHub page did not seem to have been updated for 2-3 months and the NHS website has great plans to a digital future with a "Long-Term Plan" that commenced in 2018. The pandemic seems to have thrown those plans to the wind!

My exposure to GitHub in the past

I have pages on my original website that cover this - I might have to re-instate some of them. I find it interesting that the NHS made the decision to go with the "collabrative" approach as opposed to using the "commercial" Google/Apple API(s). Looking at the NHS website and feeling that the NHS is a "holy cow" in the UK I can't say that I am surprised.


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NHSx - the Covid 19 Tracking App