Keeping your Domain Registration details private

This particular issue is of primary interest to me in setting up a UK presence. I am a firm believer of confirming how something operates by actually doing it. In this case the act of registering a domain in the UK and the extent to which your private information is revealed online by WhoIs searches that can be made by anyone.

It would seem that the UK, under the auspices of Nominet, are different to a lot of other Internet governing bodies. The rest of the world, especially North America, that are important players in the Internet game - seem to have their own rules governing this. The UK seems to take a tougher stance on this in that registrant details are available for WhoIs searches to find. The exeption to this are individuals that do not monetise their websites.

Although there are services that claim to hide your personal details from those making a WhoIs search, these only seem to be applicable to non-UK domains.

What it says on the GoDaddy (UK) website:

Privacy and Business Protection is not available for some domain names, primarily country-code extensions (ccTLDs).


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