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Cyber Security

...... as in the Government "needs to raise its game" on cyber security, MPs warn - a statement made early in 2017 by the Daily Mail.

I started my coverage of this topic in detail on my Canadian site. Now in 2017 the subject is becoming more and more a news item.

The CIA and FBI

In the days of the new Trump adminstration, Fake News, I find stories such as the Wikileaks leak of 8,761 documents on techniques for hacking and surveillance particularly amusing.

"Fake On" and the one specific Samsung SmartTV. Perhaps this was an exptrpolation of the notion that in the future all devices will be connected to the Internet, the Internet of Things. The security equivalent of the adoption of 3-D TV???

Cyber Weapons

Wikileaks have said that they are going to release a list of "Cyberweapons" used by the CIA and other American/UK security agencies, first to Microsoft, Apple and other software and hardware vendors such as Google and Facebook, so that they can "defend" against them.


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