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EssexInfo - a Business Opportunity

I still think that EssexInfo.net's suspension of service at the end of March 2020 is a fantastic business opportunity.

Apart from one company in Colchester, CVS Websites, there have been no approaches made to our council for alternative services when EssexInfo closes. In my opiion their offering is too complicated but the initial price seems to be okay. This is if they can deliver on their proposals and the additional costs are not too prohibitive.

Never the less, the opportunity still exists for an enterprise to approach the Parish Councils that are listed on the current essexinfo website and to offer a solution. In fact, there is a pre-built potental client list!

A proposal to a Parish Coucil, or any user of EssexInfo, can be as simple or as complex as you like. It must be fully costed and there should be a detailed explanation of how much effort is required from the person administering the website for the Parish Council. This should include what the time commitment and the on-going costs will be. If you are proposing a "Managed" solution you will have to clearly state what you are offering, the regularity of uploads and other site maintenance. Liason between the website administrator and content producer is key.

There is no such thing as a "free" solution. Even EssexInfo required many hours of effort on the part of the Parish Council Administrator. A solution is more than just a website design and a hosting service.

My solution is provided at no charge to my Parish Council, Belchamp Walter Parish Council, this is because I am designing the website and hosting it on my existing service. I can offer advice and mentoring for those that wish to do the same for their own Parish Council. The cost for a solution similar to mine is just over £53 per year, this includes the domain registration.

Nearby Parish Council websites

  • Borley 🔗 - search does not come up with a website apart from localcouncils.org template - UKLC UK Local Councils
  • Belchamp Otten/Belchamp St. Paul 🔗
  • Foxearth & Liston Parish Council 🔗
  • Gestingthorpe Parish Council 🔗
  • Bulmer🔗
  • Great Yeldham Parish Council - 🔗
  • Little Yeldham, Tilbury Juxta-Clare and Ovington
  • Wickham St Pauls Parish Council 🔗 - Responsive Design
  • All adjacent Parish Council websites, were they exist, are currently EssexInfo and only Wickham St. Pauls is responsive. While I am not looking for an assignment I think that my approach could work well for the Councils on this page. It is up to them to contact me.


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