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King Steven of England

Steven was brought up by his mother, Adela, daughter of William the Conqueror. He was placed into court by Henry I, his uncle.

He became king as he survived the White Ship drowning of William Adelin in 1120, Henry I's son.

My interest in Steven relates to the Medievil "Chess Match" that appeared to be played out in Belchamp Walter from Conquest to aquisition of the Manor by the ஓaymond Family.

The fact that the manor "was held by a number of families"

A quote found on The Friends of Holy Innocents Church, Lamarsh website:

The Beauchamps of Bedford Castle were well versed in defence and their North Essex manors were set amongst the many manors of de Vere, with a newly built castle at Castle Hedingham where Matilda, the enemy of Stephen, had been welcomed.

Payne de Beauchamp's son, Simon de Beauchamp, was steward of the household to King Stephen.
His son and successor, William de Beauchamp, acquired military fame by his prowess and conduct, but proving unfaithful to King Henry III his castle at Bedford was ordered to be demolished.

From Wikipedia

Stephen (1092 or 1096 – 25 October 1154), often referred to as Stephen of Blois, was King of England from 22 December 1135 to his death in 1154

The Medievil "Chess Match"

I coined this description as it appears that the history of Belchamp Walter and surrouning area is rather like a chess match in that there are castles, kings and queens, and quite a few knights.

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