Creating a template for your website

I have stated before that although I use a template more my websites I do not wish for others to use it as is. What I really would like is for someone to help me further the development of a Responsive Website Design. The design that I have at the moment works for me, but I need to verify my exisiting pages.

You could generate a website that is a single page (just 1 file on your host server). This file could include css code for formatting, but is is far more useful to have multiple pages that use a common Style file (css). Also the resulting website would be pretty dull and you will also want to upload agendas and meeting minuites. The documents that you are required to post, as a Parish Council, can be Word documents or PDF's as most computers, tablets and Smartphones can display these without any additional software.

WordPress Themes ,templates

If you investigate the WordPress website you will find referance to pre-built themes that give you a framework such that with some modifacation and customisation you can generate your own website. While this sounds easy in practise is is often not the case. In my opinion, to use Wordpress effecively you need to have an in-depth understanding of how websites work (HTML and Style sheets) plus you will need at least a grounding in PHP, the scriptng tool that most of the Wordpress Themes are written.

If you need to implemnt an Events Calender, for example, you will find that there as amny "plug-ins" for you to download. However, to get these to work you will have an in-depth knowledge of php, what the plug-ins will be written. In addition you will also need to be cognisant of the way that Wordpress handles its file system. Files, cade for pages, data on those pages and other "control" information are stored in a database (MySQL). A knowledge of MySQL would also be of use here.

The installation of WordPress on your host will involve the requirement for both php and MySQL. However, this seems to be pretty standard.

Website Search

This is where Wordpress inherently has the upper hand. As the operation is based around a database, search is a feature that is "built-in". To implement a search function using my template is not possible.

The Social Media button

THe template used for uses a Social Media button. I have removed this from my Parish Council template.

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Creating a template for your website