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How to determine what pages on your website are indexed by Google

When I tried the search: at the end of Feburary I obtained 8 results. This was mainly due to the fact that there are only a few page uploaded to the server but it is an indication of the fact that googlebot has spidered the site.

This search is one of many Google Operators that can be used to determine how a site is indexed and seen by the outside world. It is a quick and easy way of getting at the information that a website owner would have using Webmaster Tools. It can also be used by anyone, other than the owner of a website, to see what is included on another website.

What the "site:" search tells you.

If you make the search on a site that you have a particular interest you can tell whether the site is biased in some respects. If the results are all on the same theme, like your name or a website that you have been associated in the past, and they are the only results, then you can conclude that the site in question is likely to have been created to expose you. This type of search can also be used to determine if the site in question is a vendetta launched by one party against another. I can think of a couple of instances of this.


Observed Searches and Visits:

These are some of the searches that I have recorded that found this page: