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How-to upload financial documents

This page is a step-by-step guide to uploading financial documents to your Parish Council website. It is assumed that you have correctly configured the directory structure on your computer and on the webserver. This must be done so that you can see how the website will perform when accessed by a visitor to your website. It will also make correcting any errors easier.

When uploading files to your webserver it is essential that you confirm that the website performs the way that you want it on your computer.

I have chosen the financial document section of the website for this guide as it is probably the most complicated of all the uploads. Up-loading other files to the webserver will be easier. In any case it is my recommendation that you follow a strict discipline when organising any of the files on your computer. This is particuarly important for financial information as you will want to be able to locate data from specific years in a clear manner. It will be a lot easier if you avoid placing documents in the same or random folders. The naming of the individual files can have more flexibilty (it is quite likely that there will be multiple authors, with their own naming conventions).

Minutes and Agenda

In the process of downloading files from our old EssexInfo Council website I have noticed that I was not consistent, or just perhaps lazy, in the way I uploaded to the EssexInfo site.

File Naming Convention

This is a great opertunity to make sure, or at least try, to name your files in such a manner that you can find them and know what they contain.

PDF or Word Documents (or Excel spreadsheets)

The advantage of usng pdf format is that these files will be opened without problems in your browser.


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How-to upload financial documents