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Colour Selection

An example of Top, Bottom and my original menus.

If you are using one of my templates for your own design all I ask is that you change some of the colours and change the layouts a bit. do't want all the websites that are based on my original design to all look the same. I would prefer if you took the design and used it as a basis of your own design and add more css to it. I would be grateful of any feedback that you could give me and correct any mistakes that I have made.

The most difficult thing to change the colours is knowing where to find what to change. Where possible I have added notes in the css files when I have set a colour, but I know there are many places where this has not been done. The examples from the W3C website, the source of most of my inspirarion, also tend to leave out notes where the colours are set.

A example is the navigation bar menu on this page. Currently the .header a.active has background-color: #00ff99; (the active menu "Home" button)