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Event and Location Booking

My original thoughts an on-line Booking and Event Management System for your website was an implementation using a Wordpress Plug-in. This could be anything from a simple form to a calendar driven complete with an on-line payment system.

In a similar manner to a straight Events Calendar you should probably have a good grasp of PHP as there will inevitably be some "tweeking" of your code to get the system working to your requiremnts.

However, for a simple website, like that for a Parish Council, I think that this is overkill.


A simple booking facility can be implemeted using the "mailto:" anchor tag. On selection of the appropriate option an email is sent using the default email application of the visitor.

This could be series of email links:
Book - 2 Adults, 2 Childen under 5, 2 Children under 10, with a vegetarian meal

The advantage of this technique is that it does not use a form any php and the person making the booking gets a copy of their booking in their email's "Sent" folder.

You will read if you search for the use of "mailto:" that it is a "spammers magnet". In this case the email adress that you put in the link is a "throwaway" address. This address is one you create just for the purpose of the event. When the event is over you delete the email.

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Event and Location Booking