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The Technology Muse blog

When I started my website,, I thought that a Blogger blog would be a good way of promoting it. While this proved to be of limited succes, the promotion that is, it did get some of the topics that I was featuring found by Internet users that were searching for them. As the main theme of my website was technical issues I decided on the name "The Technology Muse".

It was never intended that the blog be the main method of my Internet presence, however, some of my posts garnered some responses that proved to have legs. For example, I commented on the fact that a hard disc recovery service that I had seen being sold in a local computer store was a little too optimistic. This post seemed to have stirred a veritable Hornet's Nest.

The current situation

After a protracted interchange with the person that I made my original comment the name "The Technology Muse" has become somewhat "tainted".


Observed Searches and Visits:

These are some of the searches that I have recorded that found this page: