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The connection between Terry Bradshaw and OneWorld Office

The screen-shot below was taken from Google search made 17th April 2011.

RAD Media Corp are obviously connected to OneWorld Office and Terry Bradshaw - Terry Bradshaw can clearly be seen on the VATSIS website as a Director and CEO - where his succeses at OneWorld are cited. OneWorld Data Recovery services had an email address for

the Google instant preview when searching for

the Google instant preview when searching for


The reason for reposting:

A visit was observed 9 February from Kelowna, BC. Since I had sent Terry Bradshaw a message, via the AVS website (which prompted a visit to my website but no reply) I guess that he was still interested in that there is still a connection between him and Wayne McAlpine. Joshua Sham indicated that Terry is a "decent guy" and wishes to stay out of the Wayne McAlpine debate - if this is the case he should contact me and tell me.