Who would you believe?

Wayne McAlpine has posted a lot of nonsense about me and has indicated that he thinks that I can write better than he can (need exact words here). He has also says that he wonders why I am so interested in anonymity and other techniques used by those that are up to no-good, and that it could be as a "smoke screen" to deflect attention from myself and my misdeeds. This interest is a preparation for when the "truth" about me is revealed. He seems to think that he can do this himself!

The truth of the matter is that I have been interested in the subjects that he thinks are a distraction for a long-time and he is just an example of one of those that I see using such techniques and someone that just crossed my path. As he did so, and I am appalled at his modus operandi, I feel that I need to expose him in any way that I can.

Arguments Prepared

Wayne McAlpine does not, and never has, understood what my original website and blog were all about. He seemed to have concluded that it was mainly about him. This has been evidenced by the fact that he only seems to be interested in what Ihad posted about him and largely ignored the other content. When he had taken time to look at other pages he also assumed that what I had written was to support my vendetta against him. He wrote:

Could it be (I was) trying to have all your (my) arguments prepared in the event and when some things come to light that you (I didn't) don't want.

I guess that this was a fair assesment if he really thought that it was all about him!


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