Belchamp Walter Parish Council

Migrating a Parish website from

As is closing down its operations 31 March 2020, a migration needs be made from the "free" website design and hosting service to a new website and host.

Progress and Issues arising

A domain has been registered and it is currently hosted on The site is "live" and I have been migrating content from the EssexInfo site. The EssexInfo site is still online and has a link to this new site.

To my eyes the website renders well both on a computer and a tablet. However, when viewed on an iPhone the responsive behaviour is compromised. I have yet to confirm this behaviour on an Android Smartphone.

The issue with the Responsive behaviour will not be a problem if a dedicated hosting is used for the Parish Council. I am not sure if it worth the extra cost. In any case the rendering of the Parish website on a mobile device is a lower priority than not having a website after EssexInfo closes.

In addition to the responsive issue there is the bahaviour that the web address will always appear as "" in the address bar irrespective of what page is being viewed. This is not a problem except that I cannot send a direct link to a page and a "refresh" page will always return to the Home Page.
This will not happen if the Parish Council site is hosted on its own hosting.

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  • All adjacent Parish Council websites, were they exist, are currently EssexInfo and only Wickham St. Pauls is responsive. While I am looking for an assignment I think that my approach could work well for the Councils on this page. It is up to them to contact me.

    The compromise in responsive behaviour

    When the website is hosted on my private server the scaling of the mobile pages does not work. This is due to the forwarding method that I am using.

    External Sources

    Migrating a Parish website from